Egypt Balloon Ride

Egypt Balloon Ride is one of the most amazing tourist activities in Luxor, in that blog you will find answers to a lot questions you may ask about Hot Air Balloon.

 What is Balloon over Luxor company?

Balloon over Luxor company is have twenty five years’ experience of offering passengers the most awesome, health and safety checked and entertaining hot air ballooning activities in Egypt. Balloon over luxor’s objective is to present a unique leisure experience, safely and consistently. Travelers from all over the world have gained from their expertise by enjoying Luxor’s history and beauty from a bird’s-eye perspective of a hot air balloon.

How can you book Egypt Balloon Ride in Luxor?

you can go to one of our categories Hot Air Balloon and choose between two Luxor Balloon flights, Deluxe flight and standard flight.

How can you Pay for Egypt Balloon Ride?

Balloon over Luxor accept cash and by Credit Card, also you can pay on Egyptian pound, Euros, Sterling pound, & US Dollars.

When Egypt Balloon Ride cancelled?

Egypt Balloon Ride can be cancelled due to the weather situation, if it clear you can do your Hot Air Balloon flight, if the weather is bad, it will be cancelled.

What if you paid and Egypt Balloon Ride is cancelled?

if your Hot Air Balloon cancelled due to bad weather or you want to cancel it 24 hours before the flight, you will fully refunded, but if you not Shown or cancelled it before it directly, you will noy refunded.